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Developing Community Through the Arts

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Since 1997, the Community Development Department has been supporting a variety of special initiatives that demonstrate the strategic ways that the arts can be connected to core community values and everyday life, while serving to empower citizens to engage in and contribute to civil discourse.

In May 2003, a delegation of Ohio arts administrators and OAC staff traveled to Chile to discuss ways for using the arts in community development. In an effort to extend the experience beyond our visit, we created a series of worksheets designed to assist Chilean arts administrators in building organizational capacity and planning successful programs and projects. We believe these documents are valuable tools for Ohio's small and emerging arts organizations and we have made them available to the field via our website.

The goals of the Ohio Arts Council's seminars in Chile in May 2003 were:

1. offer participants the tools they could use to develop strong organizations and cultural programs, and

2. promote the importance of understanding the role of community in cultural planning and the role of culture in developing a strong community plan.

To help us accomplish these goals we developed worksheets to walk participants through processes designed to strengthen their organization and help them create successful cultural projects and programs. We also presented case study information to help participants understand the important relationship between culture and community. During these presentations we highlighted a project in Lima, Ohio titled Common Threads and a facility in Lima that serves most of the region's arts and cultural organizations, the Veteran's Memorial Civic and Convention Center.

Building Communities Through the Arts Seminars
Santiago, May 6 and Valparaiso, May 9, 2003

Supplementary Reading
1. Introduction by Wayne Lawson
2. Description of OAC International Program
3. United States Cultural Support Structure
4. Local Arts Agencies: The Basics
5. Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path Toward Finding and Mobilizing a Community's Assets, John P. Kretzmann and John L. McKnight
6. Increasing Cultural Participation, Paul Connolly and Marcell Hanand Cady
7. What is Dialogue?
8. Excerpts from Arts Advantage report
9. Components of Organizational Capacity: Definitions and resources

Assessing Organizational Effectiveness For Planning Cultural Projects
Chilean Binational Center Workshop, May 5, 2003

Six Areas Critical for Organizational Success

1. Leadership and Governance
Board Profile Grid

2. Values, Mission, Vision and Goals
Mission Statement Worksheet
Visioning Worksheet
Organizational Goals Worksheet

3. Strategic Collaborations
Assets and Challenges of Partnerships
Potential Collaborator/Partner Contact Worksheet

4. Resource Development
Basic Principles of Fundraising
Potential Donor Research Worksheet

5. Internal Staff Operations and Management
Organizational Structure Inventory

6. Program Delivery and Impact
Project Planning Tool

How to Plan a Program or Project

1. Identifying Community Needs and Resources
SWOT Analysis Grid
Identifying Unmet Community Needs Worksheet

2. Generating Programs and Cultivating Partners
Assets and Challenges of Partnerships
Potential Collaborator/Partner Contact Worksheet
Steps to Conducting Effective Meetings
Meeting Roles and Responsibilities
Sample Agenda

3. Planning the Program
Project Planning Tool

4. Securing Funds for the Program
Budget Worksheet
Potential Donor Research Worksheet

5. Implementing and Marketing the Program
Key Marketing Elements
Marketing Plan Worksheet
Important Aspects of Volunteerism

6. Evaluating the Program's Effectiveness
Project Evaluation Worksheet






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