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Individual Artist Grants and Services Program - Investing in the Future of Ohio's Artists

Individual artists are making a difference in communities across Ohio every day. They illuminate community identity and help us understand and imagine our lives in new ways. Our lives are richer and more remarkable because of the contribution of artists to the social, physical, economic and spiritual fabric of our neighborhoods and towns. The presence of artists in a particular place is a strong indicator of cultural vitality. Businesses, new and old alike, need places where work and play come together in creative and dynamic ways. Artists living and working in a community affect the extent to which arts and culture are integrated into the schools and the number of non-profit arts organizations, theatres, art classes, galleries, and venues for live music in that community.

The FY2016 Individual Excellence Award Panel Meeting Information

The FY2016 Individual Excellence Award panel meetings were held Monday thru Thursday, December 7-10 and Monday thru Thursday, December 14-17. Notification of recommendation was emailed via ARTIE on Monday, January 11, 2015. If you did not get notice and you applied please contact Janelle Hallett at or Kim Turner at

To view panelist bios for this year's panels click on title below for the specific discipline:





Music Composition


If you have questions about the program or application please contact program coordinator, Kathy Signorino, or 614/728-6140 or program director, Ken Emerick, or 614/728-4421.

Individual Artist Grant Programs:

The Individual Artist Grants and Services Program offers grants to individual artists in two program areas:

    1.The Individual Excellence Awards provides grants to Ohio artists for the exceptional merit of a body of work.  These awards recognize creativity and imagination that exemplifies the highest level of achievement in a particular discipline and advances the art form.  Please read the program Guidelines before applying. 

    2. The Traditional Arts Apprenticeship program strives to keep alive traditional and folk arts by supporting collaborations between master artists and dedicated apprentices. Master artists preserve ethnic, occupational, regional group, community or family traditions that have been passed down for generations. Please read the program Guidelines before applying.

After reading the Guidelines, and specifically the legal and program requirements, you apply using our Online Grants Application System, ARTIE.
    FAQ's on Individual Artist Grant and Services Program

    FAQ's on General grants process

Grant opportunities for artists through other OAC programs:

    To learn more about other programs we have for artists click here.

Other services we provide for artists:

        In addition to grants the OAC's IAGSP office offers a number of resources for artists. We've created a page that holds all these resources in one place; visit it now by following this

        link: Artist Resources

Other information you should know:


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