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Credit and Publicity Responsibilities

These Guidelines are designed to help you acknowledge your OAC support. You will find links to logos and detailed information about your responsibilities for crediting the Ohio Arts Council. There are also links to resources such as sample press releases and a News Media Resource Guide to help you promote your organization.

How to Acknowledge Your OAC Support

This Information Is Important for Executive Directors and Staff Responsible for Publicity.

Do you have the Ohio Arts Council 50th anniversary logo?

Click the links below to obtain the OAC logos.

1. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to paste a link to the 50th anniversary logo directly into your website,

2. High resolution 50th anniversary logo files to use in print publications.

If you have any questions or difficulty downloading these logos please e-mail

When to Use the Ohio Arts Council logo

Below is a short list of examples in which the Ohio Arts Council should be recognized in promotional materials and activities. Visit the Contract Summary page for specific requirements.

  • Demonstrate your appreciation of OAC support by placing the logo on postcards and promotional brochures that are mailed to your patrons.
  • Incorporate the OAC logo into your regular newsletter to recognize your receipt of public dollars for the arts.
  • Incorporate the OAC logo into your playbills, programs, leaflets and handouts that are distributed to visitors.
  • Create a link to the OAC on your organization's website by incorporating the HTML text available from the link below.
  • Add the OAC logo to posters and banners displayed in your community to promote your programs.
  • Acknowledge OAC support in media releases and other communications.

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