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Columbus Metropolitan Club, Columbus Urban Growth Corporation, Greater Columbus Arts Council and the Ohio Arts Council

No.1: Vision
No. 2: Downtown
No. 3: Policy
No. 4: Transportation
No. 5: Housing
No. 6: Education
Dowtown Columbus, OHThe Growing Inward series, sponsored by Columbus Urban Growth Corporation, Columbus Metropolitan Club, Ohio Arts Council and Greater Columbus Arts Council, along with 32 other for-profit and nonprofit partners, brought nearly two dozen outstanding speakers to Columbus. They were thoughtful, informative, entertaining, passionate and committed as they spoke about current trends and new ideas in urban development and city revitalization.

All of the speakers focused on how to strengthen traditional urban areas to reduce the pressure for outward expansion into new areas. Far from seeking to stop suburban development, Growing Inward sought to find ways to enable already developed neighborhoods to grow in a planned way, along with outer areas, for the benefit of the entire community.

The speakers' messages have been distilled into a Checklist for Change, core ideas that came out of the three-year series. These recommendations - which have been used successfully elsewhere - can make a difference in Columbus. A viable, healthy metropolitan area with a high quality of life that includes a 24-hour downtown; safe, convenient neighborhoods for people of all incomes; conservation of valuable open space and an efficient transportation system will not happen by accident. It will be the result of sustained cooperative action throughout the metropolitan area. Here are recommendations for addressing issues that will begin to move the Columbus metropolitan area in the directions suggested by the speakers of the Growing Inward series.

Those speakers brought broad national perspectives, observations about future trends and ideas to strengthen and enhance Columbus's efforts to make its metropolitan area, especially its downtown and existing urbanized areas, lively and livable. This checklist can turn that information into a process for change  - beginning now.

Using the checklist will require visionary leadership from the public sector, creative investment strategies from the private sector and an effort by both sectors to collaborate for the good of the entire community.

Text prepared by Jeffrey Darbee and Nancy Recchie Benjamin D. Rickey & Co.
Photographs courtesy of COTA Greater Columbus Arts Council Ohio Historic Preservation Office Pat Lewis, Victorian Village
Introduction  | Conclusion  |  Speakers  |  Sponsors
Vision |  Downtown |  Policy |  Transportation |  Housing |  Education

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