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OAC Statewide Convenings Help Realize the Public Value of the Arts in Ohio
by Wayne Lawson, Executive Director & Julie Henahan, Deputy Director

During these one-day sessions, the OAC presented new concepts and methods being developed to bolster public support for the arts in Ohio. We have also begun to document and communicate the public value we provide to the state and you provide to your communities. We will continue to add follow-up information and resources to this web site as they become available.

Over the past two years, the OAC, with guidance from The Wallace Foundation, has examined new ways of identifying and communicating the public value of the arts. These concepts are significant enough for us to involve the arts leadership of the state in a live, interactive presentation. Vital information about how these new concepts that are shaping improvements to the OAC's grantmaking and other agency operations was shared during the Convenings and will continue to be shared through this website. Stay tuned to this page for updated information that includes resources, tools and new strategies for leading your organization through this process during the coming months.

What: Interactive Convenings to Recognize the Public Value of the Arts in Ohio

Discussion Leaders: OAC Council Members, Wayne P. Lawson, and Jerry Yoshitomi

Why: Across the nation, the nonprofit arts and culture sector is exploring ways to renew itself and demonstrate relevance and value at the community level. The latest information suggests:

  • Robust new methods to increase participation;
  • Thriving cultural communities are more likely to attract the highly coveted, and very mobile, knowledge-based workers; and
  • Documenting public value is an effective advocacy tool on the state and local level.
For the past two years, the OAC has been exploring effective ways to invest public tax dollars to: 1) sustain the organizations that comprise Ohio's arts and culture sector; 2) reward individual creativity; 3) support arts learning opportunities for citizens of all ages and abilities; 4) build capacity in the areas of governance, leadership, community linkages and asset development; and 5) encourage innovation in, and access to, arts and cultural programming in all corners of the state.

Details: Use this site for complete Convening follow-up information. New information was posted March 12. Please email the webmaster with suggestions for other resources or information you would like to see here. Please include ''Convening website suggestion'' in your subject line.

Revealing the Public Value of the Arts

Wayne Lawson's remarks

Wayne Lawson's PowerPoint Presentation
WARNING: This is a large file (3.2M). If you have a high-speed connection it may only take a few seconds to download. If you are on dial-up or ISDN it may take several minutes to download this file. If you cannot successfully or quickly download the file, email us with your mailing address and we will send you a copy on CD. Please include ''Convening PowerPoint'' in your subject line.)

Jerry Yoshitomi's PowerPoint Presentation

Jerry Yoshitomi's blog
We encourage you to visit Jerry's blog to engage in the online discussion about public value.

Information Packet Materials (all word documents):
Convening Resources
Field Survey Results
Timeline for Change

Speaker bios:
Jerry Yoshitomi
Wayne Lawson

Meeting Agenda



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