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General Grants Process—Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1. May I hand deliver my support materials to the OAC office in Columbus?
Yes. Materials must be here no later than 7 days after the program deadline for which you are applying. Our office closes at 5:00 pm each business day. The Ohio Arts Council office does not have a mailbox so support materials cannot be left at the office during weekends and non-business hours.

2. Are you open on Saturday and Sunday?
No, the OAC office hours are 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. However, you can access the Guidelines and ARTIE system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. Where can my organization obtain an IRS Form 990?
You may download the form online from the IRS website at The site also contains instructions and other information about the form.

4. What is a draft application and how do I submit one?
The OAC encourages all applicants to the Arts Access program to submit a draft prior to applying at the final program deadline. A draft allows your narrative, budget pages, and other application information to be assessed by OAC staff before they are reviewed and scored by an independent panel. You can submit a draft by completing the application form in ARTIE and then checking the box labeled "draft" to indicate to us that your application is ready for review. The deadline to submit drafts is 30 days before the application deadline.

5. Are there sample grants posted on the website that I may review to get a sense of how to answer the narrative responses of the application?
Not at this time. In the past, the OAC has made sample grant applications from high scoring grantees from the previous year available to applicants. Because the narrative questions this year are greatly altered from previous years, we have no such samples to make available. Instead, we encourage all applying organizations to make use of the draft process.

6. My organization does not own a computer. How else can I apply using your online system?
Your public library, local community center or business center may offer Internet access, and would be a good place to start. If after visiting these local sources you are unable to find adequate Internet access, contact your OAC Program Coordinator for additional assistance. A 2003 OAC survey of recent applicants and grantees indicated that over 97% could readily access the Internet, making us confident that our 2004-2005 move to an online application process would be successful.

7. What happens if I lose power/suffer a computer failure/lose Internet access right before a deadline and cannot complete my application?
The online ARTIE system is designed to make the application process easier for all applicants, but because it exists online we understand the temptation to wait until the last moment to complete it! However, the OAC must hold firm to its policy that all applications be completed by the stated deadline to be considered eligible; please plan ahead accordingly. We also encourage all applicants to save their work as they go. During an extended power outage remember that your application is still live and accessible via the Internet; if you can find a working computer terminal you can complete it.

8. Does the OAC have a public computer terminal that I may use to complete my application?
Not at this time. If you live in the Columbus metro area and do not have access to a computer with an Internet connection, we suggest you visit a branch of the Columbus Public Library.

9. Can the OAC provide tech support during the online application process?
The staff of the Office of Grants Administration and Constituent Services can assist you with technical questions related to filling out your application within the ARTIE system. However, we cannot assist you with hardware or software problems, Internet connection problems, compatibility problems, printer malfunctions, etc. We recommend you contact your Internet Service Provider, computer/printer manufacturer, or local computer retailer with these questions. For ARTIE questions, contact Jim Szekacs in the Office of Grants Administration and Constituent Services at or 614/466-2613.

10. Will my organization be receiving an on-site visit in the coming year?
Since discontinuing the on-site visit program several years ago due to budget cuts, the OAC has received extensive feedback indicating that organizations greatly valued the on-site program and would like to see it re-instated. We are currently working to make this possible, and will notify all applicants of the on-site review process in the near future.

11. My organization is not primarily an arts organization, but we do offer some arts programming. Is it eligible for OAC funding?
It may be. Any nonprofit entity or organization with nonprofit intent not excluded from applying by the OAC Funding Restrictions section of the Guidelines is eligible to apply. Traditionally, the OAC has awarded funding to non-arts organizations offering a slate of arts programming in addition to its core programming. If you are a first time applicant, you may wish to contact your OAC Program Coordinator for more information.

12. I am an individual artist. Am I eligible to apply for funding through the Arts Access via a fiscal agent or partnership with an organization?
No, the OAC does not accept fiscal agent proposals for individual artists. Funding in this program is limited to organizations only. Individual artists may apply in the Individual Creativity Program, however. Please see the Guidelines for a description of programs that fund individual artists.

13. Are applications from colleges, universities and government agencies eligible for OAC support?
Yes. Please read the Legal Requirements and Ohio Arts Council Rules section of the Guidelines for details.

14. What is the Ohio Arts Council's fiscal year?
Our fiscal year begins July 1st and ends June 30th. The state's budget biennium begins on even-numbered years.

Grants Processing Questions

1. How and when do I get my payment?
You submit either a final report or a partial payment form. It usually takes 4-6 weeks for staff to process your request and the State Accounting Office to issue the check. If you choose the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) option it should shorten the process to 3-4 weeks.

2. Where do I fit in (what program do I apply to)?
Please refer to the program summaries in Guidelines.

3. How do I get an EIN#?
Go to the IRS website,, and find the form SS-4 or call the federal tax form warehouse at 1-800-829-3676 (see Employer Identification Number section of Legal Requirements)

4. I just heard about the OAC, how can I get money from you?
Please refer to the Table of Contents in Guidelines for a complete list of funding programs and links to program requirements..

5. Can I get more than one partial payment?
No, you can only receive one partial payment for the duration of your grant activity. Partial payments are ½ of the grant amount.

6. What coordinator do I need to contact?
Visit our staff contact page to determine the appropriate contact for each program.

7. How is the OAC program staff organized?
By region, with the exception of Arts Learning and Individual Creativity. These two programs work with all applications in those funding categories.

8. What are the basic eligibility requirements?
Please see Legal Requirements and Ohio Arts Council Rules.

9. Q. Do you have emergency funds?

10. Where do I start to apply to the OAC?
First, take the Guidelines Wizard. Next, read the appropriate guidelines section. Finally, contact the appropriate Program Coordinator for your region or program.

11. Do I have to have an email address to use the ARTIE system?
Yes, there are several free email services. Please contact Jim Szekacs in the Office of Grants Administration and Constituent Services (OGACS) at or 614/466-2613.

12. Can I submit an application on paper?
No, we no longer accept paper application for most programs. Unless otherwise indicated, all applications must be submitted through ARTIE.

13. How do I know if I am ADA compliant?
Please see the section Facility and Program Accessibility in the OAC's Guidelines under Legal Requirements and Ohio Arts Council Rules. You may also contact any coordinator at the OAC office.

14. Can I apply to more than one program?
Yes, depending on the scope of your project's activities and amount requested. Please see the section Multiple Applications in the OAC Guidelines.

15. Will I have to fill my profile out more than one time (can I cut and paste from one application to another) if I'm applying to more than one program?
No, once you have completed the account profile, you will not need to complete it every time you apply. However, if any of your contact information changes, you will need to update your account profile. If you are applying to more than one OAC program, you can copy, cut, and paste from one application to another. If you need help, please contact Jim Szekacs in the Office of Grants Administration and Constituent Services (OGACS) at or 614/466-2613.

16. How do I document my in-kind services?
You must provide a letter signed by the provider that lists the services provided and its estimated value.

17. Is ARTIE ADA accessible?

18. Do I have to submit a draft? If so, how?
Applicants are strongly encouraged to complete an on-line draft application. We will accept a draft application no later than one month before the regular deadline.

19. I have a special opportunity, where do I go?
You may be eligible to apply to the Arts Access program.

20. How do I get forms to:
File for tax exempt
To file for tax exempt status, you must first obtain an EIN and incorporate your organization. To file for tax exempt status, you must complete a Form 1023 from the nearest IRS office or call the federal tax form warehouse at 1-800-829-3676. You can also access information regarding all forms at
Employer Identification Number (EIN)
.To obtain an EIN, you must complete a SS-4 application from the nearest IRS office or call the federal tax form warehouse at 1-800-829-3676. You can also access information regarding all IRS forms at
Electronic Fund Transfer form (EFT)
To receive an Electronic Fund Transfer form, please contact the OAC's Fiscal Office.
Zip + 4
To find your zip code plus the four digit extension, please click on this link:
Legislative districts
To find your legislative district numbers, you must have your zip code's plus four extension. To find your correct legislative district numbers, follow these links: House & Senate: and Congressional:


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