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Arts Learning—Resources

Arts Learning Artist Directory
The Arts Learning Artist Directory presents Arts Learning teaching artists in a clear, accessible format.

Arts Learning Residency Handbook
The Arts Learning Residency Handbook is organized to help schools, community organizations and artists prepare and implement an artist residency.

Arts Learning Resource Database
Search for organizational resources by name, discipline or function.

Learning Resources for Schools and Organizations
Resources and professional development tools from the Ohio Arts Council, the Ohio Department of Education, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Ohio Fine Arts Academic Content Standards
Complete copy (in PDF form) of the content standards adopted by the State Board of Education in 2003.

Status of Arts Education in Ohio's Public Schools
This arts education report builds on Ohio's continued interest in the strength of arts learning and its role in school academic programs. The report provides baseline data for anyone seeking a "big picture" understanding of what the level of support for high-quality arts education has been among Ohio's public schools and districts, how available resources are being used, and where additional resources and efforts may be needed. It also addresses key elements of the state’s arts education infrastructure, particularly people, resources and policies at the local level that affect delivery of arts instruction and allocation of resources to arts education. Anyone who makes decisions that could affect K-12 students’ access to arts education and their continued progress in learning in, about and through the arts should read this report.

The report was published by the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education, the Ohio Arts Council and the Ohio Department of Education. The report's findings and recommendations are based on the 2009-2010 Study by Quadrant Education Research. Click on the link below for the complete report of the findings and recommendations.

Arts Education in Public Schools
An online resource center designed to help school board members become stronger supporters for arts education in their schools and communities.

Focusing the Light: The Art and Practice of Planning
A seven-volume series that provides those who work in the arts and nonprofits with strategies, tips, and techniques for successful project planning, advocacy and evaluation.

UPDATED! Poetry Out Loud
In partnership with the NEA, the Poetry Foundation, the Thurber House, and the Ohioana Library, we're proud to announce a new initiative in the capitol region high schools, Poetry Out Loud, encouraging appreciation of great poems through performance, memorization, and recitation in a fun-loving contest environment.

Evaluation Materials
A variety of learning tools and other resources have been compiled to help educators, arts administrators and other constituents evaluate their programs. Along with Focusing the Light (above), other resources include:

Evaluation Studio, which provides three different avenues for assistance, depending on the individual’s and the organization’s needs: 1) a beginning tutorial on evaluation terms and concepts, 2) tip sheets on how to design an evaluation tool based on needs, and 3) examples of effective evaluation tools, plans and reports.

The Arts Learning office ramped up its professional development offerings for program evaluation. In 2012, the OAC offered its first program evaluation webinars. The program was developed by organizational development consultant and evaluator Dr. Craig Dreeszen and former OAC Deputy Director Mary Campbell-Zopf.
• The first two webinars (winter) were based on prior workshops that Dr. Dreeszen and Ms. Campbell-Zopf had led and focused on demystifying the language of evaluation, carrying out an evaluation plan, exploring logic models and indicators, and providing hands-on lessons to help participants try concepts out in their own work. The webinars are available as two-part PowerPoints: download part one, download part two. You may also listen to a live training session conducted with practitioners from around the state: listen to part one, listen to part two.

• The second two webinars (summer) were on how to conduct focus groups and survey research. Dr. Dreeszen and Ms. Campbell-Zopf led the webinars. The intended outcomes included: understanding of the key concepts of student learning assessment; discerning when interviews and focus groups make sense; designing and conducting effective focus groups; writing effective survey questions; understanding survey distribution options; and interpreting and reporting on survey findings. The webinars are available as two-part Power Points: download Focus Group PowerPoint, download Survey Design PowerPoint. You may also listen to a live training session conducted with practitioners from around the state: listen to Focus Group session, listen to Survey Design session.



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