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OAC Funding History

Important information about the records contained in the OAC Funding History Search:

New records include program descriptions and website addresses when available.

This database contains grant awards from fiscal year 1998-present. For grant information prior to 1998 please contact the OAC Public Information Office.

Contact information is updated each year for newly awarded grants. Search results containing grant information from previous years may contain outdated contact information.

The following program titles contain individual, not organization, recipients: Artists Projects, Individual Artist Fellowships, Individual Artists Professional Development Assistance, Individual Artists International Professional Development Assistance and Traditional Arts Apprenticeships. Individual grantee records do not contain phone numbers.

Every biennium the OAC publishes a report of grants awarded in the previous two fiscal years. The 2012/2013 Biennial Report is now available as a PDF. The report is organized by OAC program area and lists only organization name, project title and amount. Due to budget reductions the OAC will not be printing a hard copy version of this report. If you are unable to download or print this report, please contact the Public Information Office at the Ohio Arts Council at 614/466-2613 or email.

Download the 2012/2013 Ohio Arts Council Biennial Report (Please note: This document requires version 7.0 or higher of Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is free and available for Windows, Macintosh and other operating systems. Other PDF readers are not supported and may not read this document properly.) If you would like to see previous biennial reports please e-mail the OAC Public Information Office.

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