Happiness: Quilted Expressions

May 5- July 10, 2011

The Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery will present a selection of quilts from Happiness: Quilted Expressions from May 5- July 10, 2011. Organized by the Quilt Surface Design Symposium Foundation, the 36 artists’ works of happiness have been expressed in the quilt medium in various forms. Some have shared their joy by re-creating a scene, capturing a moment in time with a snapshot of a delicious instant in their memory. Others have found their contentment and peace in the actual process of creating their art: the stitching, the sewing, the literal act of translating their viewpoints or feelings into a quilt, be it a political statement, a moment of humor, or a delight in space.

Join the Riffe Gallery for the opening of Happiness: Quilted Expressions on May 5 from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. Happiness: Quilted Expressions curators Linda Fowler and Tracy Rieger will lead a tour of the exhibition on May 6 from noon – 1 p.m.

Artists in the show include (Ohio artists indicated): Deborah Anderson (Columbus); Shelley Baird (Columbus); Elizabeth Barton; Deborah Bein; Sue Benner; Lisa Binkley; Susan Callahan; Maya Chaimovich; Georgie Cline (Columbus); Nancy Condon; Cynthia Corbin; Eti David Ramat;  Sara Deever (Westervile); Deborah Fell; Betty Ford; Karin Franzen; Linda Frost; Jan Gavin; Marla Hattabaugh; Catherine Kleeman; Barbara Lind (Cleveland Heights); Ruta Marino (Beachwood); Kay (Mary) Miller; Diane Nunez; Frauke Palmer (Columbus); Shawn  Quinlan; Donna Radner; Ann Rebele (Columbus); Leslie Rego; Jill Rumoshosky Werner; Susan Shie (Wooster); Ginny Smith; Sidnee Snell; Carol Taylor; Mary Ann Tipple (North Ridgeville); and Barbara Watler.

The Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery will also hold a Family Day Workshop on Sunday, May 15, 2011 from 2 – 4 p.m. Linda Fowler and Tracy Rieger will help children age 6 – 17 create a cloth collage using fusible construction techniques and embellishments to create pattern and design. Registration is required as space is limited and all children must be accompanied by a registered adult. Registration begins April 25 and ends May 9, online at www.oac.ohio.gov/Riffe-Gallery/Exhibitions.

The Ohio Arts Council's Riffe Gallery is located in the Vern Riffe Center for Government and the Arts, 77 S. High St., Columbus, OH. Admission is free. Gallery hours are Tuesday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Wednesday and Friday, 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Thursday, 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, noon - 4 p.m. Closed Mondays and state holidays. Visit www.oac.ohio.gov/Riffe-Gallery/Exhibitions or phone 614/644-9624 for more information. The Riffe Gallery is supported by the Ohio Building Authority and the OAC’s Individual Artist Grants and Services Program. Media Sponsors include CD101, CityScene, Ohio Magazine, Time Warner Cable and WCBE.

Free group tours are available Wednesday through Friday throughout the run of each exhibition. To schedule a group tour, contact Riffe Gallery Director Mary Gray at mary.gray@oac.state.oh.us or 614/728-2239.

There are 36 images contained within this archive that are intended for Riffe Gallery publicity/educational use only. These images are protected by a photographic copyright that belongs to the Ohio Arts Council. They, therefore, are not in the public domain. Please contact the Ohio Arts Council directly if you wish to inquire about obtaining reproduction permission. Dimensions are h x w.

Image of a quilt by Deborah Anderson titled Green Dot Triptych Image of quilt byShelly Baird titled Plot Image of a quilt by Elizabeth Barton titled Steelyard Frieze

Deborah M. Anderson
Barcode:  Green Dot Triptych, 2010
75" x 25"

Shelly B. Baird
Plot, 2010
42" x 60"

Elizabeth Barton
Steelyard Frieze, 2009
68" x 35"

Image of a quilt by Deborah Bein titled The Genome Project: When We Were One image of a quilt by Sue Benner titled Prairie/Wall 1:  September image of a quilt by Lisa Binkley titled Namaste

Deborah J. Bein
The Genome Project: When We Were One, 2010
50" x 58"

Sue Benner
Prairie/Wall 1:  September, 2010
87" x 69"

Lisa Binkley
Namaste, 2007
9" x 11"

image of a quilt by Susan Callahan titled Pig Roast Family Fun image of a quilt by Maya Chaimovich titled Bud image of a quilt by Georgie Cline titled Olentangy 2

Susan Callahan
Pig Roast Family Fun, 2009
34" x 49"


Maya Chaimovich
Bud, 2010
54" x 47"

Georgie Cline

Olentangy 2, 2010
39" x 31.5"

image of a quilt by Nancy Condon titled Nepal Journey image of a quilt by Cynthia Corbin titled Red Intervals image of a quilt by Eti David titled Fragrance of India 2

Nancy M. Condon
Nepal Journey, 2010
72" x 40"

Cynthia Corbin
Red Intervals, 2010
80" x 30"

Eti David
Fragrance of India 2, 2009
38" x 38"

image of a quilt by Sara Deever titled Wild Universe image of a quilt by Deborah Fell titled Echo Spirals image of a quilt by Betty Ford titled Red and Yellow Grass

Sara E. Deever
Wild Universe, 2010
15" x 13"

Deborah Fell
Echo Spirals, 2010
42" x 27"

Betty C. Ford
Red and Yellow Grass, 2009
20.75" x 20.75"

image of a quilt by Karin Franzen titled A Time to Dance- August 4th image of a quilt by Linda Frost titled Geode Slices image of a quilt by Jan Gavin titled Koi Study

Karin Franzen
A Time to Dance – August 4th, 2008
43" x 46"

Linda Frost
Geode Slices, 2009
56" x 74"

Jan B. Gavin
Koi Study, 2009
12.5" x 10.5"

image of a quilt by Marla Hattabaugh titled JmH & RmH image of a quilt by Catherine Kleeman titled Life Lines image of a quilt by Barbara Lind titled Stretch Pants Must Be Controlled

Marla Hattabaugh
JmH & RmH, 2010
18" x 33"

Catherine Kleeman
Life Lines, 2010
37.5" x 47"

Barbara Lind
Stretch Pants Must Be Controlled, 2010
56" x 46"

image of a quilt by Ruta Marino titled Rothko RGB image of a quilt by Kay Miller titled St. Francis In My Garden image of a quilt by Diane Nunez titled Six Squared

Ruta B Marino
Rothko RGB, 2010
41" x 54.5"

Kay (Mary) W. Miller
St. Francis In My Garden, 2010
38.5" x 52"

Diane G. Nunez
Diagonal 3 x 3, 2008
27" x 27"

image of a quilt by Frauke Palmer titled Desert Varnish, Utah image of a quilt by Shawn Quinlan titled Look, Dick. Look, Jane. image of a quilt by Donna Radner titled Twisting Canyons #6: Looking Within

Frauke Palmer
Desert Varnish, Utah, 2007
62" x 47"

Shawn P. Quinlan
Look, Dick. Look, Jane, 2007
37" x 47"

Donna Radner
Twisting Canyons #6: Looking Within, 2010
43" x 42.5"

image of a quilt by Ann Rebele titled Postcards From Paris and Journey Through France image of a quilt by Leslie Rego titled Drifting Currents image of a quilt by Jill Rumoshosky Werner titled Splashed

Ann L. Rebele
Postcards From Paris And Journey Through France, 2010
45" x 65"

Leslie Rego
Drifting Currents, 2010
81" x 40"

Jill Rumoshosky Werner
Splashed, 2008
43" x 29"

image of a quilt by Susan Shie titled Kitchen Tarot Café: 4 of Wooden Spoons image of a quilt by Ginny Smith titled Bird of Prophecy image of a quilt by Sidnee Snell titled Arrivals

Susan Shie
Kitchen Tarot Café: 4 of Wooden Spoons, 2010
81" x 91"

Ginny Smith
Bird of Prophecy, 2010
31" x 32"

Sidnee Snell
Arrivals, 2009

26.5 x 39”

image of a quilt by Carol Taylor titled Sunlit image of a quilt by Mary Ann Tipple titled In the Fourth Grade the Artist Discovered Picasso image of a quilt by Barbara Walter titled Entanglement 1

Carol Taylor
Sunlit, 2007
41" x 57"

Mary Ann Tipple
In the Fourth Grade the Artist Discovered Picasso, 2010
20" x 61"

Barbara W. Watler
Entanglement 1, 2010
72" x 55"
one of two