Quilt National '09

November 12, 2009 – January 17, 2010

This exhibition comes to the Riffe Gallery from the Dairy Barn Arts Center in Athens, Ohio. The exhibition is the 16th biennial juried exhibition of innovative art quilts and demonstrates the transformations taking place in the world of quilting. Join the Riffe Gallery for the opening of Quilt National ’09 on November 12 from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.  Quilt National Director Kathleen M. Dawson will lead a tour of the exhibition on November 13 from noon – 1 p.m. 

Featured artists: Bob Adams, Lafayette, IN; Sue Akerman, South Africa; Sue Benner, Dallas, TX; David Brackett, Lawrence, KS; Pat Budge, Seattle, WA; Beth Carney, Yonkers, NY; Shin-Hee Chin, McPherson, KS; Liz DeBellis, North Canton, OH; Gabriella D'Italia, Newburgh, ME; Pamela Fitzsimons, Australia; Andree Fredette, Canada; Barbara Oliver Hartman, Flower Mound, TX; Anna Hergert, Canada; Ann Johnston, Lake Otswego, OR; Jessica Jones, Fayetteville, TN; Catherine Kleeman, Ruxton, MD; Hsin Chen Lin, Taiwan; Shulamit Liss, Israel; Kathleen Loomis, Louisville, KY; Kathleen McCabe, Coronado, CA; Judith Plotner, Gloversville, NY; Clare Plug, New Zealand; Judy Rush, Bexley, OH; Joan Schulze, Sunnyvale, CA; Anne Smith, England; Christine Tedesco, Pendleton, SC; Karina Thompson, United Kingdom; Kent Williams, Madison, WI; Erin Wilson, Brooklyn, NY; Kathy York, Austin, TX.

Join us for Family Day on Sunday, December 13, 2009 from 2 – 4 p.m.  Local artist Melissa Vogley-Woods will help children age 6 – 17 explore traditional quilt patterns as a basis for personal discovery.  All participants will work with translucent layers of fabric, building up images with drawing, stitches and collage over a pattern-based fabric.  No sewing skills are required.  Registration is required as space is limited and all children must be accompanied by a registered adult.  Registration begins November 12 and ends December 4, 2009. Check back here for a registration link on November 12.

This exhibition is produced and circulated by the Dairy Barn Southeastern Ohio Cultural Arts Center, Athens, Ohio.

This exhibition was organized with funding from the Ohio Arts Council. Additional support from the Ohio Building Authority.

Media sponsors for this exhibition include Alive, CD101, CityScene, Ohio Magazine and Time Warner.

There are 30 images contained within this archive that are intended for Riffe Gallery publicity/educational use only. These images are protected by a photographic copyright that belongs to the Ohio Arts Council. They, therefore, are not in the public domain. Please contact the Ohio Arts Council directly if you wish to inquire about obtaining reproduction permission. Dimensions are h x w.

Image of a quilt by Bob Adams titled Infrastructure No. 32 Image of quilt by Sue Akerman titled Africa Scarified IV Image of a quilt by Sue Benner titled Display II

BobAdams, Lafayette, IN
Infrastructure No. 32, 2008
40" x 62"

Sue Akerman, South Africa
Africa Scarified IV, 2008
56" x 67"

Sue Benner,Dallas, TX
Display II 2008
76" x 45"

Image of a quilt by David Brackett titled Good Neighbors image of a quilt by Pat Budge titled Refraction #17: About Herbin image of a quilt by Beth Carney titled Structured Chaos 25

David Brackett, Lawrence, KS
Good Neighbors, 2007
67" x 52"

Pat Budge, Seattle, WA
Refraction #17: About Herbin, 2008
62" x 45"

Beth Carney, Yonkers, NY
Structured Chaos 25, 2008
35" x 75"

image of a quilt by Shin-hee Chin titled (Choon San) Spring Mountain image of a quilt by Liz DeBellis titled Self Portrait image of a quilt by Gabriella D'Italia titled Black Finery

Shin-hee Chin, McPherson, KS
(Choon San) Spring Mountain, 2008
50" x 63"


Liz DiBellis, North Canton, OH
Self Portrait, 2007
43" x 36"

Gabriella D'Italia, Newburgh, ME
Black Finery, 2008
64" x 64"

image of a quilt by Pamela Fitzsimons titled Extinction Wrap image of a quilt by Andree Fredette titled Tunicates 1 image of a quilt by Barbara Oliver Hartmann titled Falling Leaves

Pamela Fitzsimons, Australia
Extinction Wrap, 2007
59" x 44"

Andree Fredette, Canada
Tunicates 1, 2007
73" x 56"

Barbara Oliver Hartmann, Flower Mound, TX
Falling Leaves, 2008
41" x 41"

image of a quilt by Anna Hergert titled Summer Day at the Lake: Dawn to Dusk image of a quilt by Ann Johnston titled Diminishing image of a quilt by Jessica Jones titled Ruffled

Anna Hergert, Canada
Dusk, 2008
74" x 39"

Ann Johnston, Lake Otswego, OR
Diminishing, 2008
51" x 51"

Jessica Jones, Fayetteville, TN
Ruffled, 2006
27" x 34"

image of a quilt by Catherine Kleeman titled Family Reunion image of a quilt by Hsin Chen Lin titled Spirals of Thoughts image of a quilt by Shulamit Liss titled Haifa Bay Lights

Catherine Kleeman, Ruxton, MD
Family Reunion, 2008
40" x 32"

Hsin Chen Lin, Taiwan
Spirals of Thoughts, 2007
49" x 59"

Shulamit Liss, Israel
Haifa Bay Lights, 2007
59" x 50"

image of a quilt by Kathleen Loomis titled Postage 3: Memorial Day image of a quilt by Kathleen McCabe titled In His Shadow image of a quilt by Judith Plotner titled Notes on a Stream

Kathleen Loomis, Louisville, KY
Postage 3: Memorial Day, 2008
100" x 86"

Kathleen McCabe, Coronado, CA
In His Shadow, 2008
33" x 29"

Judith Plotner, Gloversville, NY
Notes on a Stream, 2008
54" x 46"

image of a quilt by Clare Plug titled Antarctica Series: Out On The Barrier image of a quilt by Judy Rush titled Silence image of a quilt by Joan Schulze titled Meditation - Place

Clare Plug, New Zealand
Antarctica Series: Out On The Barrier, 2008
72" x 47"

Judy Rush, Bexley, OH
Silence, 2008
33" x 40"

Joan Schulze, Sunnyvale, CA
Meditation - Place, 2008
59" x 33"

image of a quilt by Anne Smith titled Calon Lan image of a quilt by Christine Tedesco titled Architectural Squares image of a quilt by Karina Thompson titled Cold Comfort

Anne Smith, England
Calon Lan, 2008
58" x 51"

Christine Tedesco, Pendleton, SC
Architectural Squares, 2008
72" x 72"

Karina Thompson, United Kingdom
Cold Comfort, 2008
76" x 70"

image of a quilt by Kent Williams titled Take Five image of a quilt by Erin Wilson titled Miscellany image of a quilt by Kathy York titled Little Fish in a Big City

Kent Williams, Madison, WI
Take Five, 2007
60" x 80"

Erin Wilson, Brooklyn, NY
Miscellany, 2008
20" x 61"

Kathy York, Austin, TX
Little Fish In A Big City, 2008
57" x 58" x 6"