Growing Pains

July 27 – October 15, 2006

Growing Pains features artwork by Ohio artists working in a wide range of media and exploring the many experiences in life’s journey—from family dynamics to that place we call home.

“There is no guidebook, no way to plan, and no absolute path. Childhood, adolescence, career, marriage, children, aging—it’s anyone’s guess what is the best way to navigate these universals,” said curator Bellamy Printz. “In this exhibition, we explore the voyage from infancy onward: growing up, parenting, and growing old. The viewer is invited to dig below the surface, to remember, or consider a different time, different life choices.”

As the experiences that frame us are varied so are the ways in which artists can explore these themes. Growing Pains includes sculpture, ceramics, painting, printmaking, photography, mixed-media and installation works.

Curated by Bellamy Printz, Growing Pains includes work by the following artists: Michael Arrigo (Toledo), Benjy Davies (Albany), Marcella Hackbardt (Mount Vernon), Brooke Inman (Cleveland), Liz Maugans (Bay Village), Bridget Murphy Milligan (West Salem), Robert “Boomer” Moore (New Marshfield), Migiwa Orimo (Yellow Springs), Nathaniel Parsons (Cleveland Heights), Christina Pereyma (Troy), Eliana Saari (Gahanna), Lynn Whitney (Waterville), Paige Williams (Cincinnati) and Janis Mars Wunderlich (Columbus).

The Riffe Gallery is supported by Ohio Building Authority. Media sponsors for this exhibition include Alive, CityScene, Ohio Magazine and Time Warner.

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There are 14 images contained within this archive that are intended for personal/educational use only. These images are protected by a photographic copyright that belongs to the Ohio Arts Council. They, therefore, are not in the public domain. Please contact the Ohio Arts Council directly if you wish to inquire about obtaining reproduction permission.

image of mixed media artwork titled Mme. Penny and the Three Great Incommensurables by Michael Arrigo Image of a woodcut print on paper by Elaina Calle-Saari titled Mami Image of lithography work by Benjy Davies titled Primitive Creature
Michael Arrigo
Mme. Penny and The Three Great Incommensurables
oil, acrylic, fiberglass and asphaltum on panel
38" X 51"
Eliana Calle-Saari
woodcut print on paper
12” x 12”

Benjy Davies
Primitive Creature
stone and aluminum plate lithography, six colors
paper: 7.5” x 7.5” image: 6” x 6” framed: 12” x 12”

Image of photographic work by Marcella Hackbardt titled Elijah Brown, Carole Dance Studio Image of intaglio print work by Brooke Inman titled State Proofs of my Life #11 Image of etching work by Liz Maugans titled Her Beautiful Future
Marcella Hackardt
Elijah Brown, Carole Dance Studio
digital chromogenic print
23” x 26
Brooke Inman
State Proofs Of My Life #11
intaglio, 2005
approx 15” X” 19 framed
Liz Maugans
Her Beautiful Future
etching with chine collè
18” X 21 1⁄2”
Image of mixed-media work by Bridget Murphy Milligan titled Swing Tree Image of ceramic and mixed-media sculpture work by Robert "Boomer" Moore titled Pump'R & Feed 'R Image of oil painting on 12 canvases by Migiwa Orimo titled MRI / 15:52 (Tracing and Mapping)
Bridget Murphy Milligan
Swing Tree
mixed media, photo emulsion, oil paint
fall 2002
46" X 32"
Robert “Boomer” Moore
Pump’R & Feed’R
assembled wheel-thrown stoneware parts, multiple glaze,
copper, tubing, rubber
26 x 15 x 29”
Migiwa Orimo
MRI/15:52 (Tracing And Mapping)
oil on 12 canvases
96” X 72”
Image of installaion work by Nathaniel Parsons titled As The River Grows Image of photographic work by Christina Pereyma titled Mother and Daughter Veiled Image of photographic work by Lynn Whitney titled Maine
Nathaniel Parsons
As The River Grows
foam steel, river clay and wood
10' x 10' x 3"
Christina Pereyma
Mother And Daughter Veiled
color print
28” x 19
Lynn Whitney

gelatin silver print
26" X 30 1/4"
Image of latex painting by Paige Williams titled Gentle Disregard Image of ceramic sculpture by Janis Mars Wunderlich titled Laundry Monkeys  
Paige Williams
Gentle Disregard
latex on paper
38” X 51”
Janis Mars Wunderlich
Laundry Monkeys
18 x8 x 6"