Commission Announcement  and Call for Entry Application Process:

The Ohio Percent for Art and OAC Individual Artist Programs use an online process for applying to open commission announcements and program calls for entry: 

1. Create a login using your email address and password using this link:

2. Your login will be approved by OAC staff (if you've already created a login previously, or applied to another commission announcement or call for entry use the "returning call for entry artist" box.)

3.  Once your login has been approved, log into the system and create your profile information and your discipline information (if you are also an Ohio Online Artist Registry Artist your profile information will transfer for you) .

4.  Hit "save". After you hit "save" the commission announcement or call for entry title will appear.  Click on the title of the project.  By clicking on the title you have begun the application process for the commission announcement or call for entry. Please note your application number at the top of the screen.  You will need this when you are labeling your images that you are emailing.

5.  Answer the two questions "is your indoor, outdoor or both?" and if you are sending images via email to Kathy Signorino at the OAC. 

6.  Once you hit "save" a red hyperlink that says "create new image"  will appear in the lower right-hand corner.  Click on the hyperlink.  You will add the order number, title, dimensions and media for the first image that you are emailing.  You will do this process for all images you are submitting for this commission announcement or call for entry (please refer to the commission announcement or call for entry details for the correct number of images accepted per opportunity.)

7.  We do NOT have image upload capability.  You will have to email your images after the online process is complete.  Specifications for the size and labeling of the images are included in the commission announcement or call for entry details. For commission announcements you will also send a resume and artist statement.


There are no Current Ohio Percent for Art Program Announcements:

Additional competition opportunities to be posted! Check back soon!


Contact Information:

Kathy Signorino
Coordinator, Individual Artist Grant Programs and Services & Percent for Art

Ohio Arts Council
30 E Broad St FL 33
Columbus, OH 43215-3414