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Arts & Humanities Month

National Arts & Humanities Month

The Ohio Arts Council is encouraging Ohio citizens to take part in the arts during National Arts & Humanities Month. October marks the month-long celebration that provides hundreds of exciting opportunities for Ohioans to participate in and appreciate the arts. Organized nationally by Americans for the Arts, arts organizations across the country will recognize the importance of the arts in our communities during the month of October.

The OAC urges artists and arts organizations to participate in Arts & Humanities Month by planning activities to honor our cultural heritage and the arts in communities throughout the state. To find Arts & Humanities Month events in Ohio, visit and search for activities taking place in October.

Organizations interested in promoting their Arts & Humanities month events may enter their events on to be included in the special promotion on is the FREE online resource for Ohio arts and culture. For more information about, or if you are interested in including your organization's events, please contact the Public Information Office at 614/728-4463 or

Below you will find a list of suggestions for how to make the most out of Arts & Humanities Month.

1. Create a community photo album. Invite local residents to donate old photographs and take new ones throughout the month.
2. Ask local reporters and newscasters to report news of local cultural events during National Arts and Humanities Month.
3. Write a letter to your state legislators and members of Congress listing events in the district during the month.
4. Send notes to your donors thanking them for all they do to keep the arts and humanities in your community.
5. During dinner, have each family member share one creative thing they did that day.
6. Read a book out loud.
7. Encourage arts organizations to continue their work by developing an annual award given to an outstanding arts organization.
8. Suggest that teachers engage students in a National Arts and Humanities Month project.
9. Schedule performances at senior centers, hospitals, or nursing homes.
10. Sponsor a seminar for local arts and government leaders on the importance of public funding for the arts and culture.
11. Ask the local convention and visitors bureau to include a National Arts and Humanities Month flier in all October mailings.
12. Organize a community talent show.
13. Include the National Arts and Humanities Month logo in your newsletter.
14. Obtain an official proclamation of October as National Arts and Humanities Month from your local elected leaders.
15. Take up a musical instrument or rekindle your interest in one.
16. Add a signature line to your outgoing e-mails to encourage them to participate in the month-long celebration.
17. Commission a local artist or student to design a poster for National Arts and Humanities Month to post around town.
18. Include a flier about National Arts and Humanities Month with Sunday paper deliveries during October.
19. Suggest local businesses showcase an artist to demonstrate or exhibit their work during the month.
20. Participate in National Arts and Humanities Month!



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