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Kent State University Integrated Sciences Building Commission Announcement Details
Open To:  Ohio and National Artists
Commission Amount:  $89,000
Entry Open Date:  Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Entry Deadline:  Friday, March 30, 2018
Entry Review:  Monday, April 30, 2018
Project Summary:  Kent State University (KSU) is inviting Ohio and national artists to submit up to nine (9) digital images of past work for the KSU - Integrated Sciences Building Percent for Art Project commission. From the submissions a group of semi-finalists will be selected to visit the campus, meet with the committee (comprised of KSU faculty and staff),and visit the artwork site location to create a site-specific art work proposal. KSU employees and their spouses are not eligible to apply for this commission. Students enrolled in any degree-granting program are not eligible to apply.
Project Background and
Building History: 
Construction of the $40 million Integrated Sciences Building was completed in fall of 2017. The 66,000 square-foot, open design building houses classrooms, instructional labs, research lab space, and faculty offices for the departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Biological Sciences and Physics. Located adjacent to the Student Green, and across the Esplanade from the Library, the Integrated Sciences Building, features a primarily glass facade, wraps around and connects to the existing Williams Hall in the Science Mall. The Integrated Sciences Building is the final project of Kent State's Foundations of Excellence: Building the Future initiative, which involved the construction of new building, facility upgrades, and establishment of dynamic new spaces. The goal of this initiative was to create the most outstanding academic experience for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the greater community enriched by the university.
Mission of School or Site:  Chemistry is often called the ''central science'' because a strong knowledge of the material world is paramount to advancements in all areas of science. The program includes specialized instruction in each of the five sub-disciplines of chemistry: analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry. Biological Sciences is a large, active department focused on the science of life. The department offers instruction in the following areas: biology, botany, environmental and conservation biology, medical technology, and zoology. Students and faculty conduct original research to address pressing concerns ranging from human disease to ecology. The Department of Physics focus covers the foundational principles that underlie the universe and extends to several areas of applied physics. Concerned with matter and energy, physics is a science based on precise measurements and broad generalizations. The discoveries and laws that have resulted from experimental and theoretical research in physics are basic to many of the other sciences - and to our way of life in the age of high technology.
Artistic Goals of the
Commissioned Piece: 
The artwork will be located outside of the building on a site adjacent with the University's Esplanade. The location will have strong pedestrian interaction and will establish a visual and physical connection to the building. It is anticipated that the commissioned work will be science-themed, preferably reflective of the sciences located in the Integrated Sciences Building, and responsive to the building's architectural design concept of ''Science on Display''.
Practical Considerations:  Artwork considered for installation next to the Integrated Sciences Building and the University Esplanade must be durable and suitably maintenance free. Exposure to weathering, potential for damage, and public safety must influence the selection of materials, structure, location and method of installation. The use of utilities or mechanical apparatus as a part of, or in support of, the sculpture is discouraged. Submitted documentation of previously created work by interested artists should demonstrate past experience creating durable, permanent, outdoor sculpture.
Selection Review Process:  Interested artists should complete the online form by visiting

After completing the online portion of the application please submit up to nine (9) images of past work (exterior only) in .jpg format via email to The email subject line should read: Ohio Percent for Art KSU Integrated Sciences Commission Announcement. The images should be 520 pixels by 520 pixels and 72 dpi. If your images are not square please have the longest side be 520 pixels.

Save your image files the following way: LnameFname_01_(application#).jpg for example: SmithJohn_01_0123.jpg NOTE: The application number is provided to you when you complete the online application process.

In addition to the images, artists are requested to submit the following as attached documents:
1. a current resume (maximum four pages)
2. a one page statement about their work

The Advisory Selection Committee will review submitted materials and will develop a list of semi-finalist artists that will be invited to meet with the committee for a site visit. After the site visit, the semi-finalists will be invited to create a proposal for artwork for the Integrated Sciences Building. Each semi-finalist will be offered a proposal fee in addition to an honorarium for their site-visit. Artist proposals will be judged competitively by the Committee. Submitted proposals become the property of Kent State University.

Ohio Arts Council Staff:
Ken Emerick, Director, Individual Artist Grants and
Services Program/Percent for Art Program
614/728-4421 or

Kathy Signorino, Coordinator, Individual Artist Grants and Services Program/Percent for Art Program
614/728-6140 or

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Contact Information:  Kathy Signorino
Ohio Arts Council
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