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BGSU - Moseley Hall Commission Announcement Details
Open To:  Ohio and National Artists
Commission Amount:  $145,000
Entry Open Date:  Thursday, March 16, 2017
Entry Deadline:  Sunday, April 16, 2017
Entry Review:  Monday, May 8, 2017
Project Summary:  Bowling Green State University (BGSU) is inviting Ohio and national artists to submit up to nine (9) digital images of past work for the BGSU - Moseley Hall Percent for Art Project commission. From the submissions a group of semi-finalists will be selected to visit the campus, meet with the committee (comprised of BGSU faculty and staff), and visit the artwork site locations to create a site-specific art work proposal.
Project Background and
Building History: 
Bowling Green State University is undergoing the largest campus upgrade in the University's history. The renovation of Moseley Hall focuses on the transition from a general classroom building into a next-generation science teaching laboratory. Moseley Hall is one of the first original buildings on Bowling Green's campus and its central location creates the ideal opportunity for strategic capital investment and growth of the university's STEM program. The 43,000 sf masonry building currently is undergoing a complete interior renovation to house several flexible labs/classrooms, which are designed to accommodate a range of introductory labs and classes including Biology, Anatomy, and Physiology, and a large connected Chemistry learning laboratory. Each of these new STEM spaces is supplemented by dedicated Collaborative Zones to encourage informal learning and faculty-student interaction outside of the classroom environment. These Collaborative Zones are surrounded by open teaching offices that allow learning to flourish in a social environment yet provide quiet spaces for both teacher and student study.
Mission of School or Site:  Moseley Hall is being re-purposed and renovated for the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Health and Human Services. As an interdisciplinary science center, Moseley Hall will positively impact the academic experience of undergraduate students majoring in Health Science as well as non-science majors satisfying their undergraduate science lab requirement. The planned scope for Moseley Hall redefines STEM education and research for the next generation. The new program will provide flexible, interdisciplinary lab and classroom environments for Chemistry, Biology, Medical Laboratory Science (MLS), Anatomy & Physiology and Geology. Students from across the sciences will be able to take introductory courses in flexible and collaborative new spaces that conform and support the new teaching and learning platform.
Moseley Hall will be an active and exciting learning environment with formal and informal learning spaces that encourage group learning and interaction between faculty and students inside and outside the classroom. All laboratory space will be designed to maximize flexibility in use and scheduling.
Artistic Goals of the
Commissioned Piece: 
The new design theme in Moseley Hall is a light and modern aesthetic brought into a robust existing building containing some, although diminished, historic details. During the design of the project, several opportunities for art were identified. It is anticipated that the art piece be science-themed, preferably reflective of the sciences studied in Moseley Hall.

Practical Considerations:  There are several favored locations for the art. The suggested locations are:

1. There is a reoccurring feature wall located on each of the four floors opposite of the stairwells and elevators. The four walls are located directly next to the ''Collaborative Zones'' which are described in the Project Background section of this commission announcement. The feature wall on each floor has already been wired for technology and electricity.

2. Second Level: two walls opposite each other on the second level located at the entrance to the enclosed walkway to University Hall. The artwork(s) might be companion or a singular artwork located on both walls, without much projection into the space.

Lighting will need to be integrated into the proposal to highlight the installed art piece(s).
Selection Review Process:  Interested artists should complete the online form by visiting

After completing the online portion of the application please submit up to nine (9) images of past work (interior or exterior) in .jpg format via email to The email subject line should read: Ohio Percent for Art BGSU-Moseley Hall Commission Announcement. The images should be 520 pixels by 520 pixels and 72 dpi. If your images are not square please have the longest side be 520 pixels.

Save your image files the following way: LnameFname_01_(0application#).jpg for example: SmithJohn_01_0123.jpg NOTE: The application number is provided to you when you complete the online application process.

In addition to the images, artists are requested to submit the following as attached documents:
1. a current resume (maximum four pages)
2. a one page statement about their work

The Advisory Selection Committee will review submitted materials and will develop a list of semi-finalist artists that will be invited to meet with the committee for a site visit. After the site visit, the semi-finalists will be invited to create a proposal for artwork for the Moseley Hall Building. Each semi-finalist will be offered a proposal fee in addition to an honorarium for their site-visit. Artist proposals will be judged competitively by the Committee. Submitted proposals become the property of Bowling Green State University.

Ohio Arts Council Staff:
Ken Emerick, Director, Individual Artist Grants and
Services Program/Percent for Art Program
614/728-4421 or

Kathy Signorino, Coordinator, Individual Artist Grants and Services Program/Percent for Art Program
614/728-6140 or

Contact Information:  Kathy Signorino
Ohio Arts Council
30 E Broad St FL 33
Columbus, OH 43215-3414